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Nugsmasher OG Rosin Press

Nugsmasher OG Rosin Press

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  • The NugSmasher OG is the brand’s first plug ‘n play rosin press and certified bestseller. This manually-controlled rosin extraction machine features 12 tons of pressure and two 4X4 inches heated plates, capable of pressing up to 14 grams of material.

    Also featuring Dual Heating Elements and an Accurate Temperature Control, the NugSmasher Original is one compact machine manufactured from solid structural steel. If you’re looking for a reliable rosin press with many positive testimonials from green businesses around the world, the NugSmasher OG is the perfect machine for you.

    The NugSmasher Original is proudly American-made and backed with a lifetime warranty. This rosin press is one of the best extraction machines to invest your money in, whether you’re a small startup or a growing manufacturer of green products.


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