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Thicket Spaceout LightYear Torch

Thicket Spaceout LightYear Torch

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Thicket Spaceout LightYear Torch

Available Colours: Blue & Orange

Refillable Lightyear Torch, stainless steel tip, adjustable flame intensity knob, safety lock and spaceship stand

*Butane not included*

Box Size: 15in, 9in, 3in


  • Keep out of children use.
  • This is not a toy.
  • Butane gas is NOT included.
  • This torch is used for butane gas only.
  • Keep torch away from eyes all times. Never point the torch at flammable objects or persons.
  • Store torch in a cool dry location away from sunlight.
  • Never store torch at temperatures above 104F (40C).
  • Never attempt to modify torch in anyway to repair or make altercations to the torch which can cause bodily harm.
  • Make sure torch is always cool before moving or storing it.
  • Never puncture or damage the container.
  • Stainless steel tip gets extremely hot during and after use. Ensure that it is cooled down properly.


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