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Journey Pipe 2

Journey Pipe 2

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The Journey Pipe 2® is made with a zinc alloy that is safe to smoke out of and heat resistant

Screenless technology, locking lid for pocketing, heat proof with 2 locking magnets, all makes this one of the simplest pipes around.

Cleaning a Journey Pipe is easy. Simply remove the lid, and the pipe will separate into two pieces for quick and painless cleaning. Wash the resin and residue off with olive oil and warm water.

The J2 advanced on the technology present in the J1, making it the most coveted version in The Journey Pipe lineup. Screenless and heat-resistant, the J2 features a new magnet locking system (so no need to worry about the lid sliding off, or the magnets falling out), and a slightly smaller bowl than the J3. 


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