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Buddy Cleaning Tool

Buddy Cleaning Tool

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Various colours available.
The Buddy Glass Scrubber Cleaning Tool is super strong and works on any thickness glass up to 1" thick.  Similar to magnetic aquarium glass scrubbers. Gently drop one end of the Buddy cleaning tool into your bong / water pipe, then use the other side of the tool on the outside of the glass to connect the magnet. Move around all of the glass walls to gently scrub from the inside out. Great for hard to reach places. Great for cleaning those stubborn stains, in hard to reach areas Soak your bong in a mild detergent based solution to soften built up residue (do not use an alcohol based cleaner: Orange Chronic, Randy™s Black Label) Carefully drop base magnet into bong and allow top magnet to grasp bottom and move magnets around over desired area for a quick complete clean Very strong neodymium rare earth magnets work great on thick glass Caution should be taken on thinner glass.  Includes 5 scrubby pads.


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